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Welcome to my new segment Fancy Friday! It's my birthmonth and I wanted to start something fresh so here it is. Plus it seems like all week long we wait for Friday to come so we can go out, relax, and have some fun. Now let's get this Fancy Friday started...

{WEARING} Bri Seeley "The Harper" jumpsuit (HERE) ::  wedges c/o Bakers :: cuff c/o Robyn Rhodes ::
Ever Eden by Michelle Phan "Crown of Valor" headpiece (from Glam Boutique, on sale HERE)
When I first went to preview Bri Seeley's The Chrysalis Collection about 2 months ago, I was in total awe with this red "Harper" jumpsuit. I mean, that vibrant dark hue and low v-cut back just made my heart melt. So I was pretty excited to wear it during our DTLA photoshoot last week (more pictures from other pieces in her Collection to come). Since the jumpsuit is such a statement piece, I wanted to keep jewelry to a minimal and wore a gold cuff by Robyn Rhodes and an Ever Eden by Michelle Phan "Crown of Valor" headpiece from Glam Boutique. Seriously, this crown made me feel like a modern day Cleopatra. Umm can I wear it every day? That won't be weird right?

{FASHION TIP: If you're going to dress up, then play with jewelry and don't be afraid to get glammed up - just do it!}

Stay tuned for my next Fancy Friday outfit idea!


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