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Happy Monday everyone! Hope you had a great Mother's Day yesterday with your moms. Since my birthday is coming up (next week actually), I've decided to make some changes and prepare for this monumental new era. First things first is cleaning my room (aka start donating clothes) and organizing my hard drive (there's just way too many pictures!). As I was sorting my hard drive I found these shots the bf took when we had a mini date in LA the other month. Hence, today's outfit post on being an organized mess...


{WEARING} Lovers+Friends dress :: heels/sunglasses c/o Charlotte Russe (similar HERE/HERE) :: gifted Coach wristlet :: House of Harlow 1960 necklace (from Glam Boutique)

 What I love most about spring/summer is wearing dresses. No doubt about it, I am a total "dress girl" because it's just so easy to wear and you're pretty much done getting ready after that. Being a closet dress hoarder that I am, this Lovers+Friends dress is simplicity at its best. The design and cut makes it a no-fuss dress and the asymmetrical hem makes it stand out. I literally just had to slip on my Charlotte Russe heels and sunglasses, throw on some jewels, and (BOOM!) went out the door in 10-15 minutes. Oh what guy wouldn't like that right? For sure the bf was happy. ;)

{FASHION TIP: Got a date? Find that perfect balance between getting ready and looking cute - guys don't like it when girls take too long. TRUST.} 


  1. OOh that pink dress is gorgeous! :)


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