FANCY FRIDAY / BEAUTY :: Catching that Blue Ocean Breeze + Sexy Hair's Soya Want It All 22 in 1 REVIEW


Only travelled to the other side of the world to see the third most beautiful beach in the world...

{WEARING} dress c/o Lulu's (HERE) :: sunhat (similar HERE) :: sunglasses c/o Charlotte Russe (similar HERE)

Here are some sneak pics of my Puerto Rico trip with lots more to come! ;) For this particular day, we took a ferry to Culebra Islands and entered upon this majestic view. That's right, allow me to introduce you to Flamenco Beach which is also known as the 3rd most beautiful beach in the world and I can see why. Clear blue waters, sun rays beating down, and a private island only for those who dare to escape reality. You can spend a whole day here relaxing under the sun and that is exactly what we did. I mean, where else would you'd rather be at right? So grab a pina colada (they sell that here), sit under the big umbrellas, and enjoy listening to the ocean breeze. It's what I like to call a little moment of paradise.

Of course, with any trips you want your hair to look good right? That's why I wanted to share with you my travel secret weapon: Sexy Hair Soya Want It All 22 in 1 leave-in treatment. In case you didn't already know, I don't brush my hair and have dyed it p-l-e-n-t-i-f-u-l times. So it's important for me to find a good hair product that's also versatile because, c'mon, who really has time to put 5 products in their hair? Let alone pack all that in their travel luggage? Nope, not me! So I was beyond thrilled to received this Sexy Hair Soya Want It All 22 in 1 leave-in treatment (thanks Pivotal PR!) from Sexy Hair's Healthy Sexy Hair collection and see what it was all about. First off, I must say it smells incredible! Very clean with a hint of freshness to it. Maybe it's the soy, cocoa, and argan oil all mixed together but I wish there was a candle scent for it because I would totally get that. Some of the many benefits it has (there's 22 in here!) which I liked are: thermal protection, moisture, humidity resistance, shine, smoothness, color protection, anti-frizz, and lightweight. These all came in handy during my trip because I didn't need anything else. I just sprayed this every day to tame my hair and voila - easy and done in seconds. When I use a hair product and it's not sticky/clumpy/heavy then it's a plus in my book. And Sexy Hair Soya Want It All 22 in 1 leave-in treatment (only $19.95 HERE) takes care of all your hair care needs and more. Try it for yourself and see!

{FASHION TIP: When travelling, pack multi-use products to save luggage space and maintenance time.}

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***Disclaimer: The Sexy Hair Soya Want It All 22 in 1 leave-in treatment from Pivotal PR was given in exchange for a review based on my own opinions.***


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