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 For one of my birthday getaways last month, the boyfriend surprised me with a trip to San Diego where we got to stay on our very own private yacht on an island...

We left on a Friday night and didn't get into SD until late. I had no idea where we were going so I was quite shocked when we stopped in front of this yacht and the bf said it was all ours for the whole weekend- wow!
Our yacht had 3 bedrooms (this picture is the master bedroom), 2 bathrooms, a dining area, and a kitchen. It was like a mini home! Since it was already late at night, the bf poured us some red wine and we went up to the balcony to sit and enjoy the night time view. I'm not going to lie, it was quite a romantic gesture.
 On Saturday, we went to Bali Hai Restaurant for brunch and drinks. I really liked the view with the sailboats passing by. The short ribs sandwich (not pictured) and drinks were also good. :)
For a day of adventures, I wanted to be comfortable so I wore this Ella Moss bikini c/o Swim Spot, shorts c/o Mink Pink, a light cover-up, and sunglasses c/o Charlotte Russe.
After lunch, we went bike riding around town. (FYI it's free to rent for 2 hours at the local hotel if you're staying on the yacht - just ask them for details first.)
We biked to a local fish market for fresh oxysters and crab cakes for lunch (both not pictured) then topped it off with this butter pecan ice cream sundae for dessert. I haven't had a sundae in a really long time and this was just perfect.

 Along our biking adventure, we stopped by this Japanese Friendship Bell that was given to the city of San Diego as a "symbol of eternal friendship," it says. Also, the little girl on the left is from the children's book The Girl in Red Shoes - have you read it before?
Afterwards we got ready for dinner at Island Prime Restaurant on the Harbor Island a couple miles away from us. Since we were celebrating, I wore a dress from one of my favorite brands, KAII (outfit details HERE), and jewels from Charlotte Russe.

We had the pork chops and sea bass (which was more than plenty) with a great window view and fireworks that just happened to go off when we got there. Talk about perfect timing. After our meal, they brought out this berry tart for my birthday celebration - it was so sweet of them, literally!

 Like I said, our dinner view of the city at Island Prime Restaurant was amazing. I loved it and couldn't have asked for anything more! Yet the bf still surprised me with a Go-Pro. Oh my gosh, lucky beyond words!
When Sunday morning came, we ordered room service (yes, you can totally do that). Of course I had to get my French toast and made some mimosas for us. Cheers! 

BIG THANKS to the bf for spoiling me to the max! This was one of the most romantic trips I've ever gone on. It was so unexpected, different, and took me out of my element. I highly recommend it if you want to experience something unique!
We'll definitely be back again with friends. :)
Click HERE for more yacht info. 

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