FANCY FRIDAY :: It's A Love Story + Adornia Giveaway WINNER


This prisma print skirt is one that everyone needs in their closet and I'll tell you 3 reasons why...

 Like I said (as if the pictures didn't tell you already), everyone needs to go out and grab themselves their very own Three of Something prisma print skirt. Why?
1) It's ultra comfortable, surprisingly, and fit like a glove.
2) It's made from better quality fabrics and the white part isn't see-through (this is a major plus!).
3) It makes a great statement piece and it will quickly become a closet fave - trust.

{FASHION TIP: For any statement piece I wear, I like keep the rest of the outfit simple with solids.}

For this photo shoot last week, I met with Skinny Bags designer Elena to style her amazing high-end leather bags and my fellow fashion blogger Amanda from Feast.Fashion.Faves (who wore the "My Diary" bag HERE). I chose to style the pink "Love Story" crossbody (I wore it as a clutch though) and it was like a love story because it matched p-e-r-f-e-c-t-l-y with my outfit. Is it just awesome when that happens? More snippets below of us girls being, well, girls having fun frollicking in the park.

And now it's time to announce the winner of the Adornia "Farrah" silver earrings worth $125 (HERE)...congrats to Zoe B.! I'll be emailing you for shipping info so keep an eye out for it. Thanks everyone for entering and have great weekend!


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{WHAT I WORE} unknown top from local fashion store :: Three of Something skirt c/o Infinity Creative
($80, on sale HERE) :: Zara heels :: Skinny Bags "Love Story" clutch (borrowed, $149.99 HERE) ::
knuckle rings c/o Sammy Dress ($1.92 HERE Low Luv ring ($27.50, on sale HERE)

{Photos by Amanda from Feast Fashion Faves}



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