OUTFIT :: A Summer Picnic with TPOLA


A summer isn't quite a summer without trips to the beach and, of course, a picnic right?...

 I wore this outfit a couple weeks ago to Two Point Oh! LA's 5th Annual Picnic at the W Hotel in LA. And let me tell you, TPOLA does not disappoint when throwing events. They always have good food (not just "light bites"), drinks, gifting suite, music, and tons of bloggers. It's a great place to meet other fashionistas and have a good time. Plus there was a photo booth. And whenever you put bloggers with a photo booth, you know you got yourself a grand old time!

{FASHION TIP: Dressing for picnics are usually more casual so be comfy and spice it up with low heels or wedges.}

[Left to Right] Loser Girl Wins, Sunny N Blue, The Ruby Element, By Lisa Linh, According to Kimberly (me), Style Wax Poetic, Trendy Outings


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{WHAT I WORE} Foreign Exchange crop top :: DIY kimono designed by yours truly ::
shorts c/o Mink Pink (similar HERE) :: DSW heels



  1. I like your shoes! Can tell me where to buy?

    1. Hi Bailey George, thanks! The nude studded heels are from DSW. ;)

      Xo, Kimberly

  2. Cute kimono! That's so cool it was DIY~ :D


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