FANCY FRIDAY :: Pass Me the Margarita


Yes, that's right. It's Friday so pass me the margarita - the Moreno Margarita dress that is...

Going out this weekend? Then this Moreno Margarita dress is just what you need! As avid lover and collector of dresses, you can never have enough bodycons - let alone backless dresses. I don't care what anyone says but backless dresses will always be my fave! And if you were wondering, these pictures are actually unedited photos taken in LA the other week. I met with Teban from Asian Impressions Photography and fellow fashion blogger Ruby from The Ruby Element. We did a super quick photo shoot in under 30 minutes just before the sun set in Little Tokyo. Then enjoyed some yummy ramen afterwards. It was a lot of fun and that's probably one of the best things I love about blogging: meeting new people, making new friends. Below is one of my favorite pics with Ruby that Teban caught while us girls were being silly - good times!
{FASHION TIP: As you can see, this dress was super colorful but I wanted to accent the black in it by accessorizing with black accessories.}

Have a good weekend everyone! I'll be at Beauty Con tomorrow and then heading to MAGIC Market Week on Sunday. Stay up to date with my adventures on Twitter/Instagram: @kimberly_luu. Catch you later!

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{WHAT I WORE} dress c/o Moreno Margarita (HERE) :: Charlotte Russe heels :: phone case purse c/o 365 Hangers :: gold bracelet c/o Sseko Designs

{Unedited pictures by Asian Impressions Photography - check it out!}



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