OUTFIT / DRINK :: Celebrating with Voli Vodka + DIY Mango Coconut Peach Cocktail Recipe


When I was asked to join the Voli Vodka Summer Cocktail Challenge, I just couldn't say no...

For this challenge, I was given a bottle of Voli Vodka's mango coconut fusion flavor and was asked to create a summer cocktail outfit to go with it. While I was thinking of a fun occasion for this drink, I remembered there was an adult birthday party coming up and so it was perfect! My summer attire of choice for the Voli Vodka Summer Cocktail Challenge was a flirty dress with some chunky heels. Not only that - and to step it up a notch - I thought it would be great to also create a cocktail recipe too! It's super easy, fast to do, and quite refreshing. See below for the 3-step recipe!

DIY Mango Coconut Peach Cocktail Recipe:
1) Muddle chopped peaches with a scoop of sugar and a shot of Voli Vodka's mango coconut fusion flavor into a shaker.
2) Add in some ice and unsweetened tea (I used Peak Tea's unsweetened tea) and give it a shake. Do a sample taste and see if you would like it more sweet or strong. Adjust accordingly.
3) Serve mixture into another cup, chilled over ice. Garnish with a some sliced peaches and mint leaves (optional).

Enjoy and drink responsibly!

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{WHAT I WORE} dress c/o Trixxi (HERE) :: heels c/o Charlotte Russe :: sunglasses c/o Forever21

***This gifted Voli Vodka bottle was given to participate in their Voli Vodka Summer Cocktail Challenge.


  1. This is a really cute outfit!! Love it, and so fun with the mirrored sunglasses!
    Also, bring that cocktail over next time :) Looks SO good!

    Amanda | feast.fashion.faves


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