OUTFIT :: Dressing Denim for Work


 Some jeans just fit perfectly and these DSTLD Jeans definitely fall into that category...

If you recall, I was not a jean person but recently I have crossed on to the other side and have been slowly building my jeans collection since (yay). This mid-rise cropped skinny jeans from DSTLD slipped on oh-so-smoothly and I loved that I didn't have to hem it! A plus for that! For this work outfit, I wanted to dress "professional" but still young and fun so I wore a buttoned-up Uniqlo shirt and threw on a Forever21 bustier over it. Who knew something as simple as that would end up with random compliments throughout the day? Apparently this bustier-over-the-shirt-trend is one to try and another way to make use of those crop tops so don't store them away yet. I also got to wear my new Kelsi Dagger heels from Le Jolie and they were the perfect height for work! It didn't even feel like I was wearing heels but still gave it a classy feel. Check out Le Jolie for their awesome Flex Pay opportunity for shoppers where you can pay a portion of the cost in payments. Now you don't have to worry about breaking the bank in one sitting - you can still get those Balenciaga heels you've been eyeing before they run out of your size! ;) Finished this look with some jewels and a pop of pink with my Miche bag. Voila! This may be my new work uniform now.

{FASHION TIP: If you're petite like me, order cropped jeans instead of regular length for a better fit.}

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{WEARING} Uniqlo shirt :: Forever21 bustier :: mid-rise cropped skinny jeans c/o DSTLD Jeans ($85 HERE) :: Kelsi Dagger "Erna-K" low heels c/o Le Jolie ($110 HERE) :: Glam Boutique necklace :: Morning Lavender bracelets :: Serene Sky rings :: Miche "Alexa-Classic" bag c/o Dietch PR ($31.95 HERE) :: Essie nail polish c/o Stixie



  1. okay stop what....you look like you work at a magazine, I love the fashion forward and edgy look with the bustier over the button up....YES GIRL! WORK!

    Amanda | feast.fashion.faves

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