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Many people wonder what my workout regime is since I've never owned a gym pass. Well, I am here to share it! I've done yoga, pilates, barre, etc...and I've put together my favorite workout moves just for you. I will post them in segments and you can slowly add your favorites to your own workout routine...


First off, of course, is stretching and warming up. You have to get yourself pumped and ready to work out. Cardio usually does the trick. I'm not that great at running, so I have a jump rope at home. It might not seem difficult but trying jump roping nonstop for 10 minutes and you will work up quite a sweat! Don't like sweating? No problem. Just take a stroll. This is another easy cardio exercise that everyone can do and requires no equipment. I usually like to take a walk around the block with the bf during sunset or at night when it's cool. You get to exercise without realizing it and catch up on each other's day. A win-win!

{FITNESS TIP: Walk halfway down the block then jog the second half for each side to make it more challenging.}

And dressing for the part is just as important. When exercising, wear something comfortable. I just got these Marika Magic slimming capris and Talia Hancock pima cotton hoodie (with removable sleeves I must add!) so it was perfect timing to test them out after work. These Marika Magic slimming capri leggings are stretchy and made of thicker fabric which means no see-through action going on for me (phew!). You can snag one for yourself online and enter coupon code "MM30" for 30% off your entire Marika Magic order - hurry, the coupon code is only good til August 31st! Don't forget to check out Talia Hancock's site for a unique spin on everyday basics using buttons and zippers to create different ways to style the same top. Genius, right?

Now go out there and move your body!


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{WHAT I WORE} Marika Magic "slimming capri leggings" c/o Lipton Publicity ($55, HERE) :: Talia Hancock "Michaela" tank c/o Kelly Kepner PR ($185, HERE) :: Nike shoes :: sunglasses c/o ZeroUV ($9.99 HERE)



  1. Super cool fitness look girl!! Love the hood!

    Amanda |

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