FOOD :: Bachi Burger, Las Vegas


Last week when I was in Las Vegas for MAGIC with the bf and friends, we happened to stop by Bachi Burger located slightly off the strip for a late night dinner run...

Oxtail chili cheese fries ($11.50) :: These were pretty much what you'd expect from chili cheese fries except this tasted meatier with a fried egg on top which was a plus. I even think two fried eggs would make it even better. Yes that's right, go ahead and mix in that melted egg yolk all over those fries. Trust.
Ronin burger ($12) :: This one is categorized as one of their "Specialty BBQ burgers." An Angus beef patty with carmelized onions, Japanese cole slaw, fried egg, and yuzu citrus aioli were some of the toppings that caught my eye. A gourmet burger that did not disappoint.
Coffee mint shake ($8.50) :: One of their drinks that consisted of coffee ice cream, cream de menthe, vodka Irish cream, and mint chocolate. Not my choice of drink (the bf wanted it) so it didn't quite enthrall me. Now if it was the red velvet or salty caramel milkshake, then that might have been a different story.
Shogun burger ($26) :: What an intense dish! It's made with wagyu beef and has unagi, foie gras, poached asian pear, plus more in it. There was so much going on with different flavors hitting you left and right. Definitely one to shock your taste buds.
So bookmark this place and try Bachi Burger on your next Vegas trip. You'll be happy you did and will be craving to go back just like me.
Overall Rating :: 4 / 5
Until my next food adventure...


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