OUTFIT :: Going Places with Elliatt's Traveller Cape


 Adventure awaits and when the moment comes you have to seize it...

Even though we're still having this summer heat wave going on, I managed to wear this a-m-a-z-i-n-g traveller cape from Elliatt's Fall 2014 Collection on a semi-cool day a couple weeks ago. It's an incredible statement piece that I was originally going to wear with black pants but opted for some 1.State shorts instead. Thank goodness. It's just way too hot to wear any pants right now, let alone move (not kidding with this 100 degrees temperature). Usually I'm not a fan of winter weather but I'm kind of looking forward to it now so I can bring this stylish cape out to play again. It's too pretty to leave hiding in the closet, you know what I mean?
{FASHION TIP: Stick to wearing black to bring out the cape's pattern in this minimalist chic look.}

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{WEARING} Elliatt's traveller cape from their Fall 2014 Collection c/o Infinity Creative (HERE) ::
1.State shorts :: Charlotte Russe heels :: Papers & Peonies Roman numeral bracelet ::
House of Harlow 1960 sunburst ring from Glam Boutique ($45 HERE)



  1. Loving this cape. Honestly I feel you on the not want to wear pants/move. This heat is crazy! I can't wait for fall weather and a fall wardrobe!



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