FASHION / TRAVEL :: 10 Brands You Need to Know from ENK Vegas 2014


 Last month I went to the ENK Vegas tradeshow and got an inside peek at what's coming out next season (including Whitney Port's new collection!)...

Here are 10 brands you need to know (in case you haven't already):

1. Show Me Your Mumu - a blogger's favorite. Every piece makes you feel like you're on a tropical vacation (sigh, let's daydream for a bit, shall we?).

 2. Eberjey - cute pajama pieces with a feminine twist, I love it!

 3. WG by Wendy Glez - gorgeous dresses with extravagant details, oh my! Who else is drooling with me?

 4. Kendra Scott - statement jewelry that's simple yet sophisticated to compliment any outfit (side fact: I also got to host a fun event at their Fashion Island store HERE). Did you know they donate 20% of their profits to charities? Jewelry that gives back. Now that's definitely a plus in my book!

 5. Whitney Eve by The Hills star Whitney Eve Port - true to her style, it's young/edgy/fabulous! I was totally eyeballing all the cool jackets. Too bad I couldn't take one home. Oh wells, next time. ;)

6. For Love and Lemons - racy lacy to the max! This brand is one you can't miss or forget! Their collection is always a show-stopper. For reals, all eyes on you if you walk in wearing this.

7. Asilio - step aside everyone, there's a new brand hitting town and it's quickly making waves. This Australian brand is not for the shy, you must be brave and fearless to sport these hot numbers!

 8. Michael Stars - ahh, another blogger's favorite. This is casual comfort in style. Each piece is effortless and belongs in everyone's closet. We all like our lazy days, don't we?

 9. Underella by Ella Moss - a new intimate line that's nothing short of florals and frills for the playful woman. Raise your hand with me if you want some too (*ahem* both hands up in the air).

 10. Auguste and Tiger Lily from The Sydny Showroom - okay, it's 2 different brands which makes it 11 but they are from the same showroom so it doesn't count! They are both unique (right?!) and have some pretty cool funky prints to make them stand out at the same time.

***Big THANKS to the ENK Vegas team for your humble hospitality throughout the show!

Well, there you go. Not 10 but 11 new brands to keep an eye out for next time you're at the mall (or click on the brand names above to go directly to their website). Happy shopping and enjoy!


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