FANCY FRIDAY :: Having a Bliss Tulle Moment at Beauty Con LA


When I got this Bliss Tulle skirt, there was nothing but smiles on my face...

It's fun. It's feminine. It's flirty. How could anyone not resist twirling around in it?

This handmade Bliss Tulle skirt is like the grown up version of a tu-tu. It's hard to tell in these photos but I got the pink lace version with a jersey lining underneath. To my surprise, it was quite comfortable to wear and not itchy at all (a plus!). I wore this tulle skirt out to Beauty Con last month that was held at the LA Mart (more pics on that to come) but will definitely be taking it out to play again soon! By the way, these Miche bags are interchangeable which makes it perfect for trips. That's right, you can wear one bag that hold all your necessities and just change the outside shell for a new look. How clever is that? Man, I so need to get some more now!

{FASHION TIP: Pair simple basics with tulle skirts to prevent overdoing it. Trust.}

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{WEARING} Gypsy Junkies top :: "The Jenny" skirt c/o Bliss Tulle ($115 HERE, thanks Christine!) :: Shoe Mint heels :: Miche "Colton-petite" bag c/o Dietch PR ($27.95 HERE) :: Serene Sky jewelry (borrowed)

{Photos by Donna from Sunny N Blue}



  1. The interchangeable bag... sounds interesting!

    You look adorable in your grown up tu-tu btw!



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