FASHION EVENT :: Beauty Con 2014 at the LA Mart


Once a year Beauty Con strikes where hundreds of beauty and YouTube fans all gather under one roof...


 This year Beauty Con was held at the LA Mart in downtown Los Angeles. As you can see, the crowd was massively insane. There were beauty demos (i.e. lash applications at Lola V), speaker panels (so bummed I couldn't make it to any - they all got filled so fast, boo), and lots of access to preview upcoming collections.
My favorite highlights of the event were:
1) Finding my first pair of boyfriend jeans that actually fit for my petite frame from Lucky Brand (yay!).
2) Snapping selfies with Dani Song who is so down-to-earth and super cool while her sister Aimee Song (@SongofStyle) was being interviewed on the red carpet by amazing host XiXi Yang from Pop Stop TV.
3) Catching a glimpse of Jeannie Mai who is one heck of an inspiring woman.
4) Taking my pink lace Bliss Tulle skirt out to play (more outfit pics HERE).
5) Spending the day with some fabulous bloggers friends: Sunny 'N Blue, By Lisa Linh (loved our matching tulle skirt outfits), All Glammed Up, Everything Hauler, Amber's Notebook, CA Fashion Darling, and more (not pictured). 
***THANKS to Pivotal PR for hosting another successful Beauty Con event! Until next time...

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{WEARING} Gypsy Junkies top :: "The Jenny" skirt c/o Bliss Tulle ($115 HERE, thanks Christine!) :: Shoe Mint heels :: Miche "Colton-petite" bag c/o Dietch PR ($27.95 HERE) :: Serene Sky jewelry (borrowed)



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