OUTFIT :: Leather Blues with Asian Impressions Photography


Remember my first pictures with Asian Impressions Photography (HERE)? Well, these are the second unedited looks...



These snapshots were taken in Little Tokyo in downtown Los Angeles before our ramen dinner with Ruby from The Ruby Element. I wore this outfit to work so I came there already ready to shoot with Teban from Asian Impressions Photography. The sun was about to set so we had to move quickly. The shoot went by really fast and we finished this look in like 10 minutes (score!). I have to tell you - Teban's work is so amazing where you don't even need to edit it (maybe his camera has some magic in them?) because he's just so great at capturing his subject's beauty. Definitely check Teban out and follow him on Instagram (@Asian_Impressions), each post is like a little story that makes you feel like you were there when the photo was taken. A great way to escape reality and go on mental travel adventures with Teban. Seriously, I so want to go to Japan even more now because of him. Maybe next year?

***THANKS for these great pictures Teban ~ can't wait to shoot with you again!

"Your smile is like your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your trademark." ~Jay Danzie

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{WEARING} Elliatt top (old) :: Charlotte Russe leggings/heels :: Elliatt jacket from Fall 2014 Collection c/o Infinity Creative (similar HERE) :: bag c/o MZ Wallace (similar HERE)

{Pictures by Asian Impressions Photography}


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