Green Carpet Beauty Day at Meleesa the Salon


Located in Huntington Beach is Meleesa the Salon, a hidden gem that's been there for a decade...

Meleesa the Salon just celebrated their 10 year anniversary (congrats Meleesa!) with a Green Carpet Beauty Day of complimentary blowouts, braids, styling, and more! I met Meleesa at a previous OC event and have heard about her salon but never got the chance to see it so I was pretty excited for this opportunity. I chose to get a hair blowout and, boy, has it changed my life! Hair stylist Brittany gave me her famous "Brittany blowout" for a loose wavy hair look with no curling iron needed (sweet!). She first prepped my hair by giving it a wash and used styling products to help keep it hydrated. The result: hair so soft that I'm now a big fan of the "Brittany blowout." Seriously, I want to get a hair blowout every week! My hair has never looked or felt so incredibly soft or lightweight like this before. It must have been pretty obvious to others too because I kept getting compliments about it nonstop (even the next day!). This experience has totally changed the way I look at my hair - cause once you have a good hair day, life is just never the same. Try it out and see for yourself. Good hair days are here to stay!

***Thanks Meleesa and Brittany for adding something amazing to my hair care routine! Can't wait to be back.

{FASHION TIP: Going to a big event over the weekend? Get a blowout the day before for perfect-looking hair next day without having to fuss about it and save time from getting ready too!}


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Meleesa the Salon
221 Main Street, Suite #E
Huntington Beach, CA 92648
Tel: (714) 969-7199

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