7 Places You Must Holiday Shop at Westminster Mall


Psst psst: here's some exciting news! I've teamed up with Westminster Mall to show you my 7 places to shop for the holidays PLUS a little gift card giveaway action...

Last week I got to stop by Westminster Mall (located off the 405 freeway at Golden West Street) and picked up two $50 gift cards - one for me and one to give away (see more details below). So off I went cruising the mall and checked out these 7 places to do some holiday shopping.
[#1: Macy's] This store is located on one side of the mall with plenty of parking surrounding it and I love that. In fact, that's where I usually park about 80% of the time. Trying to shop for multiple people at once? From bedding to beauty to jewelry to clothes AND shoes, they have a wide selection of goodies to choose from. What I like the most, though, is shopping here for men's gifts. This tie and dress shirt are each under $50 and, if you're lucky and on a good day, they may be having extra discounts too (win-win for you!). No one has time to shop for hours anymore, right? With this Macy's store, you can enter this department store, go up to the second floor and find something great for your special guy. Quick, easy, done.

[#2: Target] Alright, this is the second place I end up parking. Whoever thought of putting a Target here is a g-e-n-i-u-s. It's humongous (2 stories!) and in the middle of the mall with its own limited parking lot space. Forgot to pick up some daily necessities? Don't worry, you can shop at the mall and at Target in one pit stop. I like coming here for last minute party items, birthday/holiday cards, and the cutest gift cards. They even have some groceries here too. Wow, way to be creative and save time.
[#3: Auntie Anne's] My third favorite place to go at Westminster Mall is no doubt, Auntie Anne's for their delicious pretzels. Mmm sour cream & onion pretzels and their pretzel dogs are always a winner! In fact, the boyfriend and I pretty much get one every time we're here. Yes, every time. It's that good! All the walking around doing cardio calls for a break and you deserve this little treat from all the holiday shopping. You can find them by their bright blue sign on the second floor outside Macy's.
[#4: DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse] In case you didn't know, I am a BIG lover of shoes (*ahem* over 70 and counting) and the DSW here is one of the biggest in Orange County! You need work shoes? They got it. You need dinner shoes? They got it. You need men's shoes? They got it too. They carry boots, heels, flats, sneakers, accessories, etc. Plus they have a Sales section with an additional sale on top of that - oh yeah! I love options and this place has it. Who wouldn't love new shoes for Christmas? Find the DSW store at the bottom of the escalators on the first floor under the Food Court.
[#5: Bath & Body Works] Outside Target on the second floor is Bath & Body Works. Whenever I can't think of a gift to give someone - whether it's the holidays or birthdays or celebrations - I always turn to candles. It's thoughtful, doesn't require sizing, and it smells really good too. Candles make the perfect "neutral gift" that's a winner for both guys and girls. Plus, you can never have enough!

[#6: Foreign Exchange] This is the place to go to if you're in a rush and need a cute outfit - pronto! It's pretty much a fashion life saver. Seriously, I've come here with only 30 minutes to spare to find something to wear the very same night AND a birthday gift. They always have something ultra chic and stylish so you pretty much can't leave the store without buying something. And since they carry both men's and women's clothes, this is one of the few stores the boyfriend and I actually shop together at (haha). Couples retail therapy, we like that. Foreign Exchange is located on the first floor at the bottom of the escalators from Auntie Anne's and near a parking lot entrance.
[#7: Cathy Jean] Last, but not least, you have to check out Cathy Jean on the first floor at the bottom of the escalator under Auntie Anne's. They carry the latest shoe trends at affordable prices (all these shoes were on sale under $50!). I like how they have so many styles for 5" high heels because who doesn't love long legs?

***Thanks to Simon Mall and Westminster Mall for the gift cards and kind hospitality! Check out my Instagram (@kimberly_luu) this Monday for more details on how to enter the giveaway. Good luck and check back tomorrow to see what I bought with my $50 gift card!

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