KaiiXBlogger Collab + Week3 of #HolidayswithATK GIVEAWAY


Only a couple weeks left of December and this next giveaway is valued at $145!...

For week 3 of my #HolidayswithATK, I am so happy to be teaming up with one of my favorite womenswear brand Kaii (HERE) for their #KaiiXBlogger Holiday Campaign this season! I've been a *BIG* fan of their line since I first met them at MAGIC MARKET WEEK back in February of 2013 (HERE). Since then, I cannot stop thinking about them. For this festive season, I am styling their "Choupette" ivory jacket for a holiday look to wear for a girls dinner party. I wanted the jacket to stand out so I wore a solid black maxi dress with some red heels to spice it up a bit. The detailing on the jacket is just incredible (like all Kaii pieces are) and I've been looking for a really good quality off white colored too (cause you know how difficult that can be). And now I'm estatic to be giving a "Choupette" ivory jacket (valued at $145) to one lucky follower - check out my Instagram (@kimberly_luu) for more details! Giveaway will start today and end on Friday, December 19th. Good luck my fellow fashion lovers!
{FASHION TIP: Pair this ultra luxe jacket with your simple basics to give it a little extra kick.}

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{WEARING} "Choupette" jacket c/o Kaii ($145 HERE) :: eBay dress :: Charlotte Russe heels :: House of Harlow 1960 necklace from Glam Boutique :: sunglasses c/o Charlotte Russe

 {Photos by Tanya Tran}


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