FANCY FRIDAY :: Unexpected Lines for Look 2 of 3 with Pink Blush


Don't mind me, I'm just ready for the weekend adventures to begin...

I've teamed up with Pink Blush to style 3 outfits for this season to share with you all (1st casual look HERE)! For look #2, I wanted to dress it up more and created this edgier style. Believe it or not, I'm actually wearing 4 pieces from Pinh Blush: the necklace, jacket, top, and skirt. I really loved all these pieces together and just had to wear them like that! I've been looking for a colored faux leather jacket for a while and have been obsessed with this burgundy color this season so this was perfect. Plus how great is this mesh skirt with those unexpected striped lines? Totally fell in love with that and you would too. Interestingly enough, there's not really any patterns going on with this outfit as I would usually prefer. In fact, it's pretty simple with just solids. Surprisingly though, I'm starting to like the minimalist trend where less is more. And, in this case, sometimes you don't need too much to make it seem like a lot.

Now I'm off to get ready for a mini getaway to San Diego. Hope you all have a great weekend!

{FASHION TIP: Pair colored jackets with neutrals to let the jacket color stand out.}

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{WEARING} top/jacket/skirt/necklace c/o Pink Blush (HERE/HERE/HERE/HERE) :: wedges c/o AMI Clubwear :: Marc Jacobs sunglasses :: iPhone case purse c/o Toola Style


  1. Love the jacket (such a beautiful color) and the skirt! Nice look!


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