Lush Comfortness


A loose sweater and stretchy jeans seems to be the norm this season...

Fashion is a funny thing. Last year I would barely ever wear jeans and this year? Well, it seems like I'm addicted to them and happily growing a collection! I'm even giving away a pair of DSTLD Jeans on Instagram (@kimberly_luu) with more details HERE. Another thing I've been collecting? SWEATERS. They used to be so boring in only solid prints and now there's so many fun styles. I recently got this mint colored sweater from Lush and paired it with these Guess floral print jeans to brighten up the outfit. The fresh color of the sweater and the lightweight material made it ultra comfortable and easy to wear. I so excited to wear it throughout this season and even transition it into spring with skirts!

{FASHION TIP: Pick your favorite jeans style and get it in a variety of colors and designs - you can never have enough!}

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{WEARING} sweater c/o Lush :: jeans c/o Guess :: necklace c/o Kendra Scott ::
Foster Grant sunglasses c/o Sydne Style :: Nine West heels


  1. Definitely SO lush.. you look so comfy and I'm loving those shoes! xx Kat

    Love and Ace

  2. i adore fluffy sweater li urs!!!! the shoes are awsome too!!


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