A Messy Fishtail Braid + Week2 of #HolidayswithATK GIVEAWAY


Got my first messy fishtail braid hair 'do plus another cool holiday giveaway...

Last Thursday I had a photo shoot for a new online womens boutique - Dames and Damsels - which is launching soon that I'm so excited for! In the mean time, this is what I wore that busy day. I chose to go loose, casual, and comfy. This seems to be my current uniform lately and I'm loving it. You know what else I'm loving? These ultra soft DSTLD jeans and now you can win a pair too! See below for more details.

Week 1 of my #HolidayswithATK giveaway had such a great response and now I am so happy to share what's in store for Week 2! I've teamed up with DSTLD to give one lucky Instagram follower a free pair of jeans (valued up to $65)! Check out my Instagram today (@kimberly_luu) for more details. Giveaway starts today and ends Friday with the winner announced on Sunday. Good luck everyone!

***Thanks to Tara Harman (@TaraHarmanHairDesign) for creating this awesome fishtail braid in like 5 minutes - you're awesome girl!


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{WEARING} crop sweater c/o Grayson :: unknown collar shirt :: jeans c/o DSTLD Jeans ($65 HERE) ::
Shoe Mint heels :: Dolce & Gabana sunglasses (borrowed from Alyssa)

{Photos by Amanda Nguyen}


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