FANCY FRIDAY :: Pink Blush's Pink Dress + Stixie's Pink Speaks WINNER


Oh apparently it's a pink theme going on for this week's Fancy Friday post and I'm not complaining...

I am so happy to announce another collaboration with Pink Blush (also seen HERE) and it's a good one! This time I'll be creating 3 different looks using pieces I selected from their online boutique. For the first look, I styled this open back pink maxi dress which I also happened to wear out for Thanksgiving this year. The weather was ridiculously in the 80's so it was the perfect time to take this little number out to play. To make it more family-appropriate though, I threw on a white YMI Jeans vest to give it just the right amount of coverage without having to feel too hot or stuffy. And since it was the holidays, I thought I'd glam up the look a bit with Toola Style's iPhone case/purse that was decked out in so many crystals - oh my! Blinding? Maybe. Worth it? Totally. If you haven't gotten your own Toola Style phone case/purse, then you are missing out! It is the most convenient thing ever and my main go-to must-have accessory.

Now to announce the winner of Stixie's Jessica "Pink Speaks" nail polish set giveaway (valued at $23) HERE...congrats to Benita D.! Thanks to everyone who entered and follow my Instagram (@kimberly_luu) for weekly giveaways all month long with #HolidayswithATK!

Have a great weekend everyone! I'm going to be doing some charity tomorrow and then spending time with family and friends. Fun fun!

{FASHION TIP: For a more casual look, pair a maxi with some cute ankle boots.}

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{WEARING} dress c/o Pink Blush (on sale HERE) :: vest c/o YMI Jeans (old) :: wedges c/o Charlotte Russe :: sunglasses c/o ZeroUV :: iPhone case purse c/o Toola Style (more styles HERE)

P.S. Do you notice anything different?! My girlfriend Scarlet cut and colored my hair! Such a nice change and great time to transition towards darker colors. I love it and my hair feels so much light too.


  1. Hi Kim! I'm absolutely loving this dress! You look so elegant and classy! Gorgeous!

    Jessica |


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