Nekter Costa Mesa's Re-Grand Opening Event


Welcome to the newly remodeled Nekter Juice Bar in Costa Mesa...

A couple weeks ago I attended Nekter Juice Bar's Black and White cocktail event for their Grand Re-Opening party in Costa Mesa. Guests were dressed in their cocktail best as they sampled different drink concoctions made with Nekter juices. The new store design is very modern, sleek, and clean. I love how their veggies are displayed at the front counter - isn't it so cute?! There was also a fun photo booth by Splendid Studio Booth and musical guest performances in the patio area which seemed so comfortable that people didn't want to leave. Fancy Nekter champagne cocktails were provided by One Hope Wine and of course, I had to sample the "circa 2010" drink that was created with Nekter's strawberry skinny juice, One Hope's sparking wine, and a strawberry garnish. It was so pretty and pink and tasted great too! My favorite thing of the night? Getting a silhouette souvenir! It was so different and cool and done in just a couple minutes - thanks Silhouettes by Nancie! So much fun things to do, see, and try all under one roof! The new Nekter is definitely bigger and better so come on by the next time you're in the area. Hint hint: you're only about 10 minutes away from the beach from here. Perfect pitstop for a refreshing cool drink to quench your thirst. Enjoy!

***Thanks to Kitchen Table PR and the Nekter Juice Bar team for a great experience!


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Nekter Juice Bar
474 17th Street
Costa Mesa, CA


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