Red and Gold for a Lucky Lunar New Year [Part 2]


Chuc Mung Nam Moi (Happy Lunar New Year) everyone and let's celebrate the Year of the Goat...

One of the Lunar New Year traditions is to wear red and gold for good luck. That's exactly what Part 2 of my Lunar New Year series (Part 1 HERE) is all about! As with any special holiday, it's always fun to dress up and I am always attracted to anything sparkly - who isn't, right? This Cynthia Bui ao dai (Vietnamese traditional dress) may seem like another ordinary outfit but if you look closely, you can see the cutouts near the arm area to make it unique. Of course, if you're going to glam it up, you've got to do it right by adding on a you-can't-miss-this statement necklace. It was huge in person and totally added more spice to this sugary look. Loved it! Another tradition is passing out these red envelopes (aka li xi) which are like money envelopes for the older siblings/family members to give to their close family and friends. These envelopes are usually filled with brand new dollars but be sure to get them early because most banks run out of crisp new bills during the week of Tet.

Speaking of Lunar New Year (also known as Tet in Vietnamese) traditions, one of the things I usually do is visit the temple and eat dinner with the boyfriend's parents. It's always a blast and I enjoy continuing these traditions year after year. Will you be doing anything for Tet?

And since it is the Lunar New Year, I'd like to wish all a year of great health, wealth, happiness, and success. May more good things come your way.

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{WEARING} Cynthia Bui ao dai

{Styled by Viktor & Images by Ddaze Photography}


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