Sparkle & Shine this Lunar New Year [Part 3]


Part 3 of my Lunar New Year series consists of this insanely gorgeous all lace ao dai...

Feminine, fun, and flirty all wrapped up in one. The Vietnamese traditional dress, also known as an "ao dai", is usually worn during special occasions such as holidays and weddings. In Vietnam, a simpler ao dai may be worn for school (how cool would it be to rock that school uniform?!) but in the U.S. we don't really get to wear it a lot. So, of course, I get excited for any opportunity to wear one! Here are pictures from my Lunar New Year theme spread in the latest Viet Beauty Magazine January/February 2015 issue - out on stands now!

Fun fact: this was one of my favorite ao dai's that I wore for my Viet Beauty Magazine photo shoot (Part 1 HERE, Part 2 HERE). I love anything lace and sparkles are just the cherry on top. Plus, the back design of this totally called my name. C'mon, let's sparkle and shine this Lunar New Year. ;)

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{WEARING} Cynthia Bui ao dai :: Dames and Damsels necklace

{Styled by Viktor & Images by Ddaze Photography for Viet Beauty Magazine}


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