Sporty Spice, Sporty Chic for Valentine's Day [Part 1]


 With Valentine's Day just around the corner, what's a girl to wear?...

Can't believe it's already February! January just passed by too fast, didn't it? Well, now we can officially start thinking about the holiday and what to eat - I'm mean what to wear (hehe)! Part 1 of my Valentine's Day outfit series kicks off with this casual laid-back lifestyle inspired by Southern California living for a play day in downtown LA. Apparently we SoCal folks like the "I just woke up like this" caption so I took it to another level with an "I just woke up WITH this" moment (oh you know you want to roll out of bed and be ready too, don't lie). This Andrew Marc purple sweatshirt-that-feels-like-pajamas was seriously so comfortable and matched perfectly with the colorful printed Three of Something skirt. I was initially going wear it with sneakers but, truth be told, I don't really own that many pairs so it's now on my wishlist/shopping list/whatever-you-want-to-call-it list. To keep it still sporty chic though, and if you don't really have any sneakers either, go with chunky heels. ;)

{FASHION TIP: Stick with a plain loose top and an edgy bottom for that sporty, effortless look.}

How are you celebrating Valentine's Day? Have you made any plans yet? I'm thinking about going on a mini trip somewhere but where to?

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{WEARING} sweatshirt c/o Andrew Marc :: Three of Something skirt c/o Infinity Creative ::
heels + sunglasses c/o Charlotte Russe :: "Classic St. Maves Lady" watch in rose gold c/o Daniel Wellington ($199, enter "AccordingtoKimberly" for 15% off HERE)


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