Surviving the Windy Weather with Look 3 for Pink Blush


Hi everyone, I'm back again after a week long hiatus! Cause we all need a little break sometimes, you know?...

Over the weekend, I went on a little city exploration with the boyfriend for some porchetta sandwiches (mmm). So we decided to check out the Farmer's Market at SOCO but, since it was so windy, they weren't there (bummer). However, we did get to get some waffles at Iron Press so it wasn't too shabby (and we did go to the Anaheim Packing District at night and got our porchetta sandwiches cravings satisfied, thanks to The Kroft - you've got to try it if you haven't!). With the windy weather going on, there was no way I going to wear a dress. Nah uh, no peep shows coming from me! To survive the windy weather, I stuck to the basics and brought out Look 3 of my Pink Blush series (Look 1 HERE, Look 2 HERE). This Pink Blush top and leggings are reminiscent of SoCal's effortless style. Pretty much what the everyday girl would wear. Originally I was going to pair this outfit with flats but went with these Bakers boots instead - hey, whenever the OC gets a little cold breeze, I'm going to bring out the boots! They want to play too so I like to show them some love whenever I can. Hope you all had a great weekend, it's going to be another busy week at work for me.

{FASHION TIP: Make a cute braided 'do to keep your hair tamed during those windy days.}

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{WHAT I WORE} top/leggings c/o Pink Blush :: Bakers boots :: sunglasses c/o Zero UV :: Phillip Lim x Target bag :: Serene Sky heart bracelet :: name bracelet c/o Julz Junkie :: watch c/o Daniel Wellington ($199 HERE)

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