Five Things to Do in Madrid, Spain


While in Espana being total tourists...

We finished exploring Madrid, Spain and then took a relaxing train ride to Barcelona (pictures to come). Here are 5 things you can do on your next visit to Madrid:

1. Mercado de San Miguel. Amazing spot of different food vendors to sample a little bit of everything. Also had the best mojito ever from the cart man - super yummy!

2. Retiro Park. Located near the Prado Museum is this almost-hidden park. Lush greenery, boating activities, and plenty of beautiful landscaping. 

3. Royal Palace of Madrid. While you're here, get some history and culture at the museum. Here they have lots of painting but the dining room for over 50 seats was probably my favorite. I'd love to host a party there! (The Prado Museum is also another popular one but we didn't go. I'd recommend buying tickets beforehand to avoid the long line wait.)

4. Plaza Mayor. A square center filled with tourists and city locals. Enjoy outdoor dining with a glass of sangria and do some people watching.

5. Real Madrid Futball Stadium. If you love soccer or a sports fan, then you'll be happy to see this. Wear comfortable shoes because you'll be walking throughout the stadium. One of the cool things I liked was being able to see the players' locker room and ending the tour at the bottom on the actual football field. Great spot to take a photo here.

Mercado de San Miguel, s/n 28005, Madrid, Spain. Tel: (+34) 915 42 49 36.
Retiro Park, Plaza de la Independencia, 7, 28001, Madrid, Spain. Tel: (+34) 915 30 00 41.
Royal Palace of Madrid, Bailen Street, 6, 28071, Madrid, Spain. Tel: (+34) 91 454 88 00.
Plaza Mayor, Plaza Mayor, 28012, Madrid, Spain.
Real Madrid Futball Stadium, Av de Concha Espina, Madrid, Spain. Tel: (+34) 913 98 43 00.

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