Traveling Tourist Style


The most important fashion rule to stick by when traveling...

Comfort is key. Whenever you're exploring a new city or country, you never know what it may entail. Therefore you should dress accordingly and be up for anything. As you may know, I love dresses and can never have enough. It's my go-to travel choice to be stylish but also comfortable at the same time. And it takes up less luggage space. Woohoo!

{FASHION TIP: Pack versatile outfits that can work from day to night for busy touring days.}

What is your go-to travel style like?

{WEARING} dress c/o Trixxi Girl :: Sanuk "Yoga Sling 2" sandals c/o Mode Media :: sunglasses c/o Zero UV :: hat c/o Dynamic Asia

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***DISCLAIMER: The Sanuk sandals were provided and sponsored to post but the opinions are of my own.


  1. Great blog post. I LOVE that dress. It looks gorgeous on you!

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