Maxi it to the Max in Triple Thread OC


The easiest thing to wear, any day, any time...

As an avid dress lover, I truly believe you can never have enough. I repeat: YOU CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH! A closet full of just dresses would make me happy. No complaints here. Yes, I'm that serious! Dresses are the most easiest thing to wear with no fuss needed. And that's exactly what I love about it. For this look, I paired my Triple Thread OC maxi with some ankle boots and a Dynamic Asia hat because of SoCal's chill vibes. This was perfect for running errands and meeting up with friends for dessert.

What is your favorite dress style?

{FASHION TIP: Add on a hat with your maxi to give your outfit a little pop.}

{WEARING} dress c/o Triple Thread OC :: ankle boots :: hats c/o Dynamic Asia :: necklace 


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