Fresh Smoothies and Teas at Roasting Waters, Westminster


Grabbing fresh made smoothies and teas really makes all the difference...

No syrup. No artificial flavors. No sweeteners. Only fresh ingredients. Period.

This is what makes the smoothies and teas at Roasting Waters a must try! The boyfriend and I stumbled across this place while looking for a new local tea spot to try out. He got the mango coconut smoothie and I ordered the guava lychee tea. Oh my gosh - both were super delicious! You could really taste the natural sweetness and freshness of the fruits used and it was quite refreshing. The drinks came in a glass bottle with a cork topper. Very unique packaging, I must say, and great to reuse the bottle at home too. Pretty cool spot for any OC locals out there. They also carry a variety of the cutest mugs ever. Seriously, I want to collect them all! Anyways, looks like we'll be back for more. In fact, we went again before we left to Spain last week and we'll probably go again when we get back. Already craving it now.

Jasmine green tea is usually my go-to drink. What is your favorite tea flavor? 

CHECK IT OUT: Roasting Waters, 7925 Westminster Blvd., Westminster, CA.


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