Fringe Boots for Fall


One of the biggest fall trends this season? FRINGE...

Seriously though, fringe is popping up more than ever this season and I'm not mad about it! This cutout design adds depth, texture, and movement to any outfit. Usually fringe is spotted on handbags, backpacks, tops, and skirts but lately it's been appearing more on shoes. This pair of black fringe boots from AMI Clubwear is definitely going to be one of my fall staples. Its simple, classic style makes it easy to pair with any wardrobe and a bonus? They're also fun to walk in! Try them out and don't worry, I'm obsessed with them too. 

What fringe piece are you currently obsessing over? I must say that I'm loving high heels with the fringe around the ankles. I saw this amazing taupe pair at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale I hosted (HERE) and still think about them. So bummed I didn't get them (*sigh*).

{FASHION TIP: Fringe is a bold statement piece itself so don't overdo it and wear it with simple pieces.}

{WEARING} H&M top/pants c/o The Shops at Mission Viejo :: boots c/o AMI Clubwear ($39.99 HERE) :: 
Pacific Rim "Halo" sunglasses c/o Melrose PR ($79.95 HERE


  1. Yes, that's what I call sweet and ladylike look! Love the way you team these fringe ankle boots with oxblood skinnies and printed top. I also created a post on fringe boots and ways to wear them this 2018, check out street style ideas right now: Hope these looks can inspire you, or maybe you can find something interesting.

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