Working Out with TKO Jump Rope


A little fitness Friday to get you into some weekend motivation...

Alright, it's super easy to get comfortable and not do anything during the weekend. I mean, you just had a long, hard week and now you want to unwind right? Well, here's a little fitness inspiration to help get you out of that slump. One of the easiest (and FREE) things you can do is go on a hike. You don't need to be super fit, super rich, or super athletic - just willing to get up and get out of the house. The best thing about hiking is that you can pretty much find a place to explore at just about anywhere. Whether it's your local city or on vacation, there are plenty of hike trails to choose from. Want to add an extra boost? Add a TKO jump rope for a dose of cardio! Found at Macy's, the TKO jump rope is lightweight, easy to pack, and can be used for multiple workout routines! Want to incorporate more TKO fitness gear? See their full collection HERE. Now let's do something productive this weekend!

{FITNESS TIP: Be sure to listen to and know your body limits. If any workout gets too challenging, don't push yourself too hard and always bring water to hydrate!}

What are some of your favorite hike trails? Honestly, I haven't gone on many in my local city but the best ones I remember are the ones I did on vacation. Maybe it's the different environment or just having the travel bug to explore, either way the hikes we did in Hawaii had the most amazing views.

{WEARING} Luciana "C'est La Vie" tank c/o Kelly Kepner PR ($29 HERE) :: workout capris c/o Michele Marie PR :: Cotton On sports bra c/o Rapparound PR :: Pacific Rim "Halo" sunglasses c/o Melrose PR ($79.95 HERE) :: Nike shoes gifted from the boyfriend :: TKO soft grip jump rope c/o Lipton Publicity ($30 at Macy's HERE)


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{photos by Garralei Martell}

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