A Day at the Park


One of the best things to do is get out of the house and get some fresh air...

Lately I've been into exploring the local community and it was such a pleasant surprise when we found this neighborhood park. And not just any park, one that has a little lake and ducks too! How cute, right? Reminds me of my childhood days when my family used to go the library and then afterwards we would feed the ducks bread at the park. It was such good, carefree times and I'm totally going to do that with my own kids one day. For now, I'll just enjoy a day at the park with my new little friends.

What is your favorite childhood pastime? Another favorite childhood memory is going to Rite-Aid (formerly known as Thrifty's) and getting ice cream with my family. It's SO good and, no matter how many flavors I try, I always end up picking cookies & cream or rocky road

{FASHION TIP: Sometimes one statement necklace is all the bling jewelry you need.}

{WEARING} top c/o Michele Marie PR :: Silpada necklace c/o Michele Marie PR :: Call It Spring boots 

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