Orange Coast Mag's Annual Wine Affair


Attended another fun OC event hosted by Orange Coast Magazine earlier this month...

Orange Coast Magazine showed off extravagantly with partnered Californian vendors at Costa Mesa’s Sub Zero and Wolf Showroom - a kitchen store exhibiting several ways that a dream kitchen becomes a spacious, inviting atmosphere.

The store appropriately and proudly represented a myriad of wine businesses, such as Clos Pepe Estate, Montemar Wines, Wan Fiore Project, and Hitching Post Wines. I lauded the workers who particularly poured my glass - which was one of the giveaways thanks to Sta. Rita Hills - while explaining about the ingredients with zero stutter or hesitation.

Truthfully, we were more inclined to what we can munch to complement what we drank. A number of food vendors also scattered around the showroom plus a water station to take home a useful electrolyte-centered Aquahydrate bottle.

Foods that we either helped ourselves with or specially requested include the fruit and cheese assortments from 24 Carrots; the savory filet mignon asada tacos and scrumptious apple and brie quesadilla from El Torito Grill; the slyly wine-infused raspberry donut from OC Donut Bar; and the medium rare strip steak and exquisitely delectable lobster mashed potatoes from the showroom’s neighbor, Mastro’s Steakhouse - we shamelessly ask for seconds only for those potatoes.

Near the end of our short and sweet hour we visited the photo booth from MVS Studio Inc. The owner was graciously patient with herself when minor technical difficulties emerged, so she eventually let us spend extra seconds perfecting our silly “sipping” pose in black and white.

***A special thank you to Orange Coast Magazine and OC Mag Social for the warm invitation!

What was the favorite wine at this event? Something fruitful but not too sweet. I likened the robust Pinot Noir Highliner from Hitching Post Wines. It was a great 

{FOOD TIP: It’s best to opt for red wine for rich, bold foods like steak, tacos, heavily flavored cheeses, and donuts - yes, you read that right.}

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Xo, Fia 

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{photos by Fia Raboy}

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