Old Vine Cafe, Costa Mesa [Fall Menu]


Wining and dining brings people together...

At the start of fall in September, I was invited to a Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn 5-course dinner with wine pairings at the Old Vine Cafe located at The Camp in Costa Mesa. It was such an incredible meal and a great way to kick off the new season! See below for all the delicious food and wine we had. Warning: you may be drooling afterwards.

Course 1: Fresh, wild spot prawns + Chablis wine. This introduction dish came with pieces of blood orange, fennel, arugula, chile oil, and sea salt. You can really taste the fresh quality and light textures of everything mixed together. 

Course 2: Seafood Brodetto soup + Inama wine. The broth was poured table side and the flavor of the soup was rich, in a good way. I liked it.

Course 3: Fregola sarda pasta + Nanfro wine. Taken more from the Italian style of cooking, the pasta was made in house. Wow!

Course 4: Porcini mushroom risotto + Negroamaro wine. That's braised pork cheek right there and it was oh-so-good. I sure do love risotto. 

Surprise course: cheese with honey + Roumieu wine. A little treat to help cleanse our palette and prepare for dessert. 

Course 5: Strawberry mint ice cream float + Moscato-Pavia wine. Umm can someone say g-e-n-i-u-s? I'm totally making this moscato ice cream float at the next party I'm hosting!

Chef Mark McDonald did an excellent job hosting the media preview night! Before each course, he came out to give us information about each dish and what flavors to pay attention to when eating it. We also got to learn about the wines that complimented each meal. It almost felt like a cooking class except they did all the cooking and cooking. I mean, who wouldn't love that right? My middle sister, Katherine, and I had a splendid night enjoying each sip and savoring each bite. This was indeed a true A+ full dinner experience.

***Thanks to Ajenda PR and the Old Vine Cafe team for having us! 

Have you eaten at the Old Vine Cafe yet? If not, oh my gosh, you must! I've only had their brunch here so this was my first time trying out their dinner and it was so good. Can't wait to come back again for more!

{FOOD TIP: This place is popular so come early to put your name on the wait list.}

CHECK IT OUT: Old Vine Cafe, 2937 Bristol Street Suite A-102, Costa Mesa, CA. Tel: (714) 545-1411. Menu changes frequently. Open daily for breakfast from 9am-3pm, daily for lunch from 11am-3pm, and dinner from Tuesday-Saturday starting at 5pm.


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