Architectural Exploration


You can pass the same place hundreds of times and then one day, it looks different...

In this busy life we all now have, it's important to take another split second at our surroundings. I'm so used to a "schedule" that I tend to forget to put aside time for other things you can't put a timer on, like watching the sunset. So after I hosted my Bloggers Lunch at Blaze Pizza inside Fashion Island last week (HERE), I explored around the Newport Beach area and found this cool architectural spot. And to be honest, I probably wouldn't have noticed it otherwise if I wasn't a blogger (cause you know we have to find spots to take outfit photos). It made for the perfect artsy backdrop for my all black West Kei jumpsuit from Lifestyle Clothiers (super comfortable, by the way) and dainty The9thMuse rose gold necklace (that's just oh-so-cute). Perfect for the working girl to go from day-to-night with no extra outfit change needed!

What have you explored in your city lately? I'm also a big fan of exploring new food places! If you know of any cool OC spots I should check out, let me know in the comments below. Thanks! 

{FASHION TIP: Not much extra is needed when wearing a jumpsuit - just let it speak for itself!}

{WEARING} West Kei black jumpsuit c/o Lifestyle Clothiers Showroom :: "Paulette" multi-layer rose gold necklace c/o The9thMuse ($265 HERE) :: heels c/o Charles David ($320 for similar HERE

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