Tangata Restaurant, Santa Ana [RE-OPENED]


The Bowers Museum and great food at Tangata, what else could you ask for…

After walking around the historical and beautifully artistic Bowers Museum in Santa Ana, working up an appetite is a given. The re-opening of the Tangata Restaurant, with Executive Chef Donald Harris and Patina Restaurant Group, is a match-made-in-heaven with Asian-influenced cuisine as well as touches of California and the Pacific Islands. Tangata Restaurant newly redesigned model, by LA-based designer Heather Ashton, has re-opened and is definitely a place that will leave you craving to come back again for more. Walking in this restaurant, the décor and the atmosphere makes time fly by as we sipped on crimson berry tea & royal earl grey tea & a lychee martini while nibbling on the delicious 7-course meal (see their full menu HERE). Starting off with the crispy calamari is a must, with its crispy light texture and perfect blend of seasonings, as well as the spam tacos and you can’t forget the laughing bird shrimp salad. The entrées whisked us away to another land as we ate the yuzu kosho salmon swimming in cilantro-ponzo broth and the Thai style BBQ chicken with perfectly cooked with fresh farmers market vegetables. You must not ever skip dessert here and go with the Kona coffee crème brulee - its creamy coffee perfection and sugared topping would anyone drool before taking a bite. Also, the must-try freshly-made sorbetto and gelato. Be sure to ask for the Flavor of the Day as we got to try the sweet and tangy blood orange & mango sorbetto combination which was the fabulous way to end our delicious meal.

***THANKS to Wagstaff Worldwide and the Tangata team for taking such good care of us as we filled our bellies to the brim!

{FOOD TIP: Come with an appetite and with friends! This menu will make you want to order everything. Remember sharing is caring!}

CHECK IT OUT: Tangata Restaurant at the Bowers Museum, 2002 N. Main Street, Santa Ana CA, 92706. Open for lunch 11AM-3PM Tuesday-Sunday.

Xo, Garralei


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