Glam Holiday Style


It's not quite the holidays without some glam, right?...

YES. For my next week of #HolidayswithATK style (previous looks HERE, HERE), I wanted get more glamorous with a sparkling dress. One that shines all throughout and this Basix dress does just that! If I could, I would dress up all the time but who really has the time and luxury to do that every day? Nope, not me. So the holidays are the perfect time - I mean, excuse - to dress up for all those parties and dinners with close friends. For a more fancier event though, don't be afraid to bring out your bling game. That's right - take out those sequins dresses cause now's the time they want to play! 

What is your glam holiday style? As you can see, anything shiny and sparkly then me likey!

{FASHION TIP: Be careful not to go overboard with the bling. Keep things proportionate!}

{WEARING} Basix dress borrowed from Mannfolk PR :: Jeffrey Campbell heels :: necklace c/o Baroni Jewelry

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{photos by Garralei Martell}


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