Big Bear Cabin Weekend


Winter is here, winter is here (at least for a little bit)...

A surprise rainy day in the OC is just what we needed! The weather finally feels chilly enough to bundle up in layers. One of my favorite things to do during winter is escaping to Big Bear for a cabin weekend getaway. It's a great chance to see the snow and spend quality time with loved ones without any city distractions. Plus, looking back, these winter cabin trips are some of my most fun memories. Check below for 5 fun things to do during your next Big Bear cabin weekend getaway!

[#1: Build a snowman.] Oh, I don't know how anyone can resist building a snowman when they are surrounded by a winter wonderland! Remember to wear waterproof gloves to protect your hand from the super cold snow.

[#2: Explore the backyard.] When your cabin backyard looks like a snow forest, you just have to go outside, breathe in the fresh nature air, and enjoy the beautiful snow.

[#3: Make homemade shabu for dinner.] This is actually an easy-to-prep/make meal for big groups. Plus, who doesn't like soup during the cold right? Definitely a big winner during trips. Thanks to Sudaroo, Lan*chop, and Tracy for putting this all together! 

[#4 Go snow sledding.] Want to be adventurous but still enjoy being at the cabin? The easiest (and pretty fun) thing to do is go sledding in your backyard! Yes it was cold to do this but so worth it. 

[#5: Always make and spend time with loved ones.] Just cuddling up outdoors anywhere would make a wonderful weekend getaway to me. Always a fun time with the boyfriend! #TKfirstlove 

What do you like to do in Big Bear? Obviously, a lot of people probably go snowboarding but I don't really do that so I like playing in the snow and this trip was just perfect for that!

{TRAVEL TIP: Create a hygiene travel bag kit where all your basic necessities (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, floss, razor, contacts solution) is already in there so when you have a trip, it's already ready to go plus that way you won't forget anything.}

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