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Growing up and changing styles...

Now that I'm in my thirties (*gulp*) I've noticed that my style has greatly changed from when I was in my twenties. Good bye short mini skirts, bandeau tops, and sky high heels (okay, I still wear those some times) and hello to a more sophisticated style! And you know what? I'm okay with that. Part of growing up, after all, is also adapting to your fashion age. 

To help you out with that (and all my fellow 30-somethings), I'm sharing 3 tips to dress your fashion age: 
1) Quality over quantity. Don't think of it as a bad thing but as a style challenge. Clean out your closet (it's almost time for spring cleaning right?) and keep only the main pieces you really wear.
2) Minimalism works. You can never go wrong with just basic basics. Invest in it in every color.
3) Find what looks good on you and dress around that. Everybody has a "favorite" body part and your wardrobe should enhance that.

{FASHION TIP: Always, always - no matter what age - dress with confidence!}

How do you adapt to style changes? I like trying new fashion styles and am certainly adapting to creating my own signature look now.

{WEARING} top c/o Shein :: Vintage Havana blazer c/o Kelly Kepner PR :: sunglasses c/o ZeroUV :: handbag c/o Dooney & Bourke :: heels c/o AMI Clubwear 

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{photos by Tanya Tran}


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