Love Ain't Easy


Let's face it, we all want love...

Every body deserves to be loved. I've been in a long term relationship for over 15 years and while I'm no expert, here are 3 tips I'm sharing on creating your own happily ever after:
1) Be honest: no relationship ever lasts if people aren't being honest with each other. The truth hurts but lies hurt even more. 
2) Have date nights: after you pass the "honeymoon stage" of getting to know one another at the beginning, things aren't as fresh and exciting BUT that's where the fun begins and you get to start creating your own memories together. Have date nights to the movies, have date nights to concerts, have date nights to the beach. The point is, that even years later of being together, continue to have date nights with each other and keep the flame burning. 
3) Show you care daily: whether you like to hold hands, give a gentle kiss on the cheek, or a warm bear hug, it's important to show your partner that you appreciate them every single day

These 3 rules sound simple right?

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