Visiting Hearst Castle


Take a trip outside the city...

Just not too far from Orange County, about a 2-3 hour drive, is the infamous Hearst Castle. Considered a national historic landmark, the 127 acres castle first opened in 1919 (which means it's almost 100 years old-wow!). Although it was not opened to the public at first, it has now become one of the popular places to visit in the Central Coast. I've gone here a couple times before and there was always something new to see with each visit. What's great about this place is that they have multiple tours going on at the same time and you can pick which area of the castle you want to explore. From touring the guest rooms to the actual kitchen to the dining halls and gardens, you can decide what interests you the most and no matter which one you select, each tour ends with the grand finale of the castle's pools (they have both and indoor and outdoor pool) which will surely take your breathe away! From the design details that were thought out for each room - let alone each piece selected - you can't help but to feel quite amazed at all the exquisite work put into creating this wondrous masterpiece. So if you're feeling adventurous, grab a buddy (or two) and plan a day trip to see this place for yourself! 

What excites you more: seeing architecture or landscaping? With Hearst Castle, you get a good dose of both to enjoy. The tour gives you access to see the fine detailing of the architecture as well as a chance to view the floral landscapes. There really is something here for everybody. 

{TRAVEL TIP: Highly recommend to plan ahead and book your tour tickets in advanced.} 

CHECK IT OUT: Hearst Castle, 750 Hearst Castle Rd., San Simeon, CA  93452. Tel: (800) 444-4445. Tickets and tours info here

Fun fact: Lady Gaga was the last to swim in the grand outdoor swimming pool (which is currently under construction) for her latest video. ;) 


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