3 Tips to Set Your 2017 Goals


Happy 2017 guys!...

Alright, let's be real, what are you really trying to accomplish this year? Whether you're looking to get a work promotion, travel some place new, get more fit, or build a brand, all of these things are important and so this year let's focus on how to get them done. Below I'm sharing 3 tips to help kick start your 2017 New Year's Resolutions (and what I do myself).  

1. Write down your goals. It makes such a BIG (mental) difference if you write down your goals somewhere (in your planner, on a post-it taped to your mirror, or in your phone) where you can see them frequently. It constantly reminds yourself to keep working towards that bigger picture.

2. Create deadlines. When do you want to reach your goals? Some of them can be achieved sooner than others while some goals may take more work to get there. Don't worry, be patient and consistently strive towards it! You'll get there eventually.

3. Think realistically. Yeah, I would like to win the lottery and make a million dollars but, realistically, will that happen? Probably not if I don't play the lotto. With that said, look at your goals and see what you can actually commit to completing. One of my goals this year is to go hiking once a month. It doesn't seem like much but, surprisingly, a month can go by fast (considering I only have the weekends free)! So, let's now motivate each other to reach our goals cause 2017, we're coming for you! 

What are your New Years Goals?

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  1. Happy New Year! Love the quick tips for making and keeping your goals.


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