How to Explore Joshua Tree in 1 Day


Greetings from Joshua Tree...

Trying to plan a mini-vacation but not sure where? How about escaping to the desert for a quick one-day trip? During mid-fall, Mr. T and I decided to go to Joshua Tree for a romantic getaway. We left on a Thursday afternoon and arrived at the desert roughly 1.5-2 hours later. It was both our first time staying in Joshua Tree so we were both very excited to be in a new city.

Upon arrival, we checked into our AirBnB stay (here) and it was the cutest place ever! This was actually my first time booking a place through AirBnB and it was a fantastic experience - we highly recommend The Hideout!

Whenever there's a kitchen, there's a high chance that Mr. T will want to cook so that's exactly what he did. He surprised me with a homemade surf & turf dinner and it was absolutely delicious! 

Of course, we had to check out the backyard and hanging lights (I'm a sucker for that) where we enjoyed the outdoor desert sky while sipping on red wine.

The next morning, we woke up for breakfast and tea before venturing out to Joshua Tree National Park for further exploration. I really loved that The Hideout supplied a wide variety of tea options - yummy!

Afterwards we headed to Joshua Tree National Park where you have the option to hike through the park vs. driving through the park so we opted for the peaceful car ride. Luckily they had plenty of stops along the way for scenic views of their famous Joshua trees and many photo opportunities.

Fun fact: the trees (and city) were named after a Biblical story of Joshua who reached up to the sky to pray (via).

It was a short but very nice one-day trip to Joshua Tree and we're already thinking about possibly camping inside the park next time. Hopefully, we'll see as we've never done that on our own before.

What activities do you like to do when traveling?

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#ATKfact: We actually tried to go to the Joshua Tree National Park at night, on our first night there, but it was so dark and since we didn't really know the area, we decided to go back to the house. Hey, you never know when a coyote might pop up so better safe than sorry!

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