Iceland 2017 Diary {Day 1}


It feels like this was just yesterday...

Still can't believe we were in Iceland just last month! We took the red-eye out from LAX on a Wednesday night and landed in southern Iceland the following afternoon (about a 10 hour flight). One of the passengers happened to faint on the plane for several minutes and the flight attendants asked for medical assistance. Luckily, my little sisteroo Sus is a nurse so she went to help out two doctors check to make sure the passenger was okay who eventually woke up later on - thank goodness! Our little sisteroo was a hero (as our Daddie says) helping to save lives! #sisteroos

Our first stop (after getting a rental car) was the popular Blue Lagoon, also known as one of the 25 wonders of the world. It's conveniently located about 20 minutes away from the KEF airport so it's a must-do after you land or before you leave. The blue waters are at about 90 degrees and you get to enjoy the Icelandic sky while you relax in what feels like the biggest (and coolest) hot tub. We went here around sunset so it was just beautiful to see the clear sky transition from day to night. Another fun part? You get to try out their mud mask and algae mask (in that order) that'll leave your skin feeling ultra soft and smooth. Ahhhh. And let's not forget there's a swim-up-bar! Yes, you heard that right. Cheers to fun outdoor spa day with Sus, Eunice, kaf, and the guys!
TIP: Bring a swimsuit. They have lockers, showers, and towels there.

As we were leaving the Blue Lagoon, there were bright lights shining above us. When we looked up, we saw it was the Northern Lights!!! Oh my gosh, talk about a natural high! We were all super ecstatic as we got into our car and drove to our AirBnB home. 
{STYLE} bathing suit c/o La Blanca Swim 

Our home was away from the city so we had a clear sky view to enjoy the Northern Lights dance in the sky. It was simply amazing! I was so bummed, though, that I could not figure out how to set my DSLR to capture photos of this incredible moment but to be able to see it in person is already a gift itself. This was only night one and we couldn't wait to see what the rest of the trip would be.
TIP: You can get better views of the Northern Lights when you're away from the city; the clearer the sky, the better chance of seeing them.

Thanks for reading and sending you hugs!

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{TRAVELBlue Lagoon, Nordurljosavegur 9, 240 GrindavĂ­k, Iceland. Book tickets here


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