Iceland 2017 Diary {Day 2}


Oh, you know, just saying hello to our new (furry) neighbors...

For our first night in Iceland, we got to sleep on a barn. When we woke up the next day, we opened the door and had the best critters right outside! One of the things Iceland is known for is their Icelandic horses. They are smaller than US horses (about the size of a pony) and are super, super cute! You can spot these Icelandic horses here and there throughout the country but since our AirBnB happened to be on a farm, we got to see so many of them in one spot. So, of course, we couldn't resist a cute photo opp taking pictures with them! 

Our second day in Iceland consisted of going to the Glacier Lagoon. Our tour included going out to one of the biggest glaciers in Europe, seeing where they filmed The Wall from Game of Thrones' (anyone else a huge fan? I am! I am!), and going inside a crystal blue ice cave. 

We happened to go on the very last tour on the very last day for the winter tour season and, since it was so sunny this morning, it melted so much of the ice cave so it was flooded and we couldn't go inside (bummer, I know) but we did get to take a peek and see a hint of what beauty lies within. 

This tour lasts about 2.5 hours and during the ride, we got to learn so much about the country! Did you know there are volcanos under the glaciers? And there are active volcanos in Iceland? Meaning it has the possibility of erupting. Each year is different as there are new glaciers formed each time but the one we went on was the biggest freestanding glacier in the world. How pretty cool is that?! 

Definitely a unique experience and one to include on your Iceland list!
TIP: Book your Glacier Lagoon and cave tour in advanced because it's only seasonal; afterwards, the ice melts and it becomes a boat tour. Oh, and bring snacks, water, and gloves!

Thanks for reading and sending you hugs!

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