Daily Giveaways with #ATKMayGiveaways


In case you haven't heard yet (and why not?!?), I'm doing a whole month of daily giveaways...

YES, that's right! May is my birthday month and because I loveeeee giving gifts, I wanted treat my readers/supporters with daily giveaways. Cause you rock, that's why! So, for each day in May, I'm announcing what each prize is on InstaStories (@kimberly_luu). Each giveaway lasts for about 2 days and then a winner is chosen. So it's super quick and you've got to get on it fast! See below for some of the giveaway prizes.

Day 1 of May Maybelline products giveaway - congrats to Natalie @nstands4natalie for winning!

Day 2 of May Aveda goodies giveaway - congrats to Tara @taratannnnn for winning!

Day 3 of May Bijou candle base giveaway - congrats Amanda @mandy_johns for winning!

Day 4 of May Future Mrs Planner giveaway - congrats to Lynn @lynnjtrann for winning!

Day 5 of May Tarte palette giveaway - congrats to Chelsea @chelseamckinney for winning!

Day 6 of May dames&damsels sunglasses giveaway - congrats to Kim @rainesmom for winning!

Day 7 of May Yogurtland $20 gift card giveaway - congrats to Diwa @diwa.tukhi for winning!

Day 8 of May Archipelago candle giveaway - congrats to Thao @thaoyyy for winning!

Day 9 of May Kitsch hair clip giveaway - congrats to @meems3 for winning!

It's sooooo exciting to be gifting these to all of you and I'm not stopping yet! It's only been halfway through the month and lots more goodies coming your way. Be sure to follow along on Instagram Stories @kimberly_luu to stay up to date and enter the daily giveaways! Bonus? It's my birthday week so (hint hint) there's going to a super BIG GIVEAWAY for that day that you won't want to miss!

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