Iceland 2017 Diary {Day 3}


A new home away from home...

After our Glacier Lagoon experience (here), we went to our next AirBnB which was cabin-like and isolated on the country side. It was deserted and a great place to see the Northern Lights but it happened to rain the night before (whomp whomp whoop). We finally had our first Icelandic meal and it was burgers and hot dogs (lol) - so American of us, huh? We've been previously living off food we brought from the US (aka dry noodles) cause apparently everything closes early here. Like 7/8/9pm early so by the time we found a market or restaurant, it was already closed.
TIP: Pack dry noodles or bring food that's easy to cook/make because it really is tough to find a market out in the countryside.

After breakfast, we headed out to the Black Sand Beach where (literally) the beach has black sand. Another popular tourist spot and it's no wonder! 

There's even a small cave on the side and you can also climb (at your own risk so be safe!) the outside jagged steps to sit atop and enjoy the view. From there we headed out to see the abandoned D.C. plane. Apparently, in 1973, a US navy plane ran out of fuel and crashed here and this has been here since. You can also climb on top for photos but, again, climb at your own risk so be extra cautious and safe. One of our friends traveling with us (hi To-to!) is a pilot so this was a cool experience for him and knocked it off his list of things to see. Check!
TIP: It's quite a walk (about a mile?) to get here so get your legs prepared and stretch beforehand if needed.

Not too far from here is the Skogafoss Waterfall. The sun was pretty much setting at this time so we got to catch it for a bit before grabbing some dinner at the restaurant next door. 
TIP: If you like camping, you can camp here and wake up to this view. 

Our next Icelandic meal was a random stop at a small restaurant next to the Skogafoss Waterfall. And boy, were we ready to feast! We ordered a little bit of everything: the lamb, ribs, cod, steak, and pasta. Oh! And some good old Icelandic beer (I got the raspberry flavored beer) before heading to the city for our next stay.
TIP: Go family style so you can share food and try some of each.

Thanks for reading and sending you hugs!

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